Justin Roethlingshoefer



Justin experienced a truth many successful people are constantly encountering. He reached the pinnacle of his profession as a strength and conditioning coach, working in the NHL. However, Justin discovered that his overall happiness and contentment with life was nonexistent. As he reflected on his path to reach what he considered his career goal, Justin realized he sacrificed a great deal that cost him in other important facets of life – relationships, emotional health, family, and maintaining a pure joy in all that he was doing.

He encountered many men and women who felt empty for reasons as varied as they couldn’t progress further in their career to those who were knocking it out of the park in their profession, but they were struggling everywhere else in their life. Justin took his desire to help people and his ability to craft programs that strengthened elite athletes and devised a plan that he wants to share with the world, directly or through others. OWN IT develops a leadership mindset that works whether a person is a CEO of a Fortune 500 company or building his or her own business out of their home office. 

By honoring your body as a Temple supported by the columns of Wellness, Faith, Relationships, Career, Self-Care, Finance, Network, and Legacy, Justin shows others how developing all eight pillars leads to organic, all-encompassing contentment in life. Part of OWN IT’s dynamic is Justin’s adherence to the viewpoint that Iron Sharpens Iron.  Those who make OWN IT a natural part of their lives know that bringing it to others increases their mastery of its philosophy as well as assisting others in understanding that they can have happiness in all that do and accomplish.

He earned a bachelor’s degree in Movement Science from Westfield State University and a master’s degree in Exercise Physiology from Louisville.  He is the founder of THE HOCKEY SUMMIT, an all-inclusive training camp for professional hockey players utilizing the same techniques from his book Intent.  Born and raised in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada, Justin now resides in New York City.